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Microsoft Edge plans to add password monitoring, vertical tabs
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:58:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Microsoft said Monday that it’s adding new security and usability features to Microsoft Edge, complementing the company’s rebranding of its Office 365 suite for consumers into Microsoft 365.Microsoft plans to add three key improvements over the coming months: an automated password checker that will try to determine whether your password has been leaked to the web, an arrangement of vertical tabs, as well as taking the Collections arrangement and merging it with the mobile apps. While Collections is unique to Edge, the other capabilities have been offered by other browsers. Google, for example, will alert you if it detects that any of your passwords stored in its browser vault have been published to the web as part of a site hack, and will encourage you to change them. Edge—what used to be called the “new Edge,” and now is just Microsoft Edge—will do the same. To read this article in full, please click here
Sling TV serves up 14 days of free Sling Blue service for new subscribers who are stuck at home
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 11:47:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, AMC, FX, and more for free, no credit card or subscription required.
Microsoft adds Microsoft Teams for consumers as Office 365 becomes 'Microsoft 365' for all
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 10:52:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Office 365 is dead. Long live Microsoft 365, the renamed version of Microsoft’s productivity suite that now includes an expanded version of Microsoft Teams designed expressly for consumers.On April 21, current Office 365 subscriptions for consumers will shift over to become Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Microsoft said, available at the current price of $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for a shared group of up to 6 people. (Personal subscriptions are $6.99 per user per month, or $69.99 per year.) Those subscriptions will still include features like a gigabyte of OneDrive cloud storage, access to Microsoft’s Office apps, and more.What’s new, though, is a version—some might call it an expansion—of Microsoft Teams that’s been retooled for consumers, with group chat, file sharing, and more—all features available on the enterprise version of Teams, but overhauled in a friendlier interface. Microsoft also announced a new Microsoft Family Safety app designed to help parents keep track of their kids in the real world. Finally, Microsoft showed off new features within Office—some of which had already been announced—that tap into AI to improve its capabilities for writing within Word, scheduling within Excel, and more.To read this article in full, please click here
Resident Evil 3 review-in-progress: It's no Resident Evil 2
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Only a second ago, there was a wall here. Now there is the suggestion of a wall—which is to say, nothing. Bricks lay scattered across the street and as the dust settles a shadow appears in the hole where the wall used to be.I am already running. Running back to safety, to the room where (for some reason) the Nemesis can’t find me. Running as fast as I possibly can and knowing it’s still not fast enough. Bracing for the fist in the back of my skull, or the tentacle to grab my leg and trip me up. It’s that nightmare where you run and run from something but can’t quite get away—except it’s no nightmare, and I am running through the streets of Raccoon City screaming.To read this article in full, please click here
Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 review: Ryzen 4000 makes this thin, light laptop a winner
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 06:10:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
We’ve tested the new ROG Zephyrus G14, which debuts with AMD’s stellar Ryzen 9 4900HS CPU, and we can safely say: Just give Asus your money. This laptop packs a stupid amount of performance into a stupidly small and stupidly light frame.To give you an idea of just how impressive this 3.5-pound, Ryzen 4000-based laptop is, you’re talking about a weight class that typically gives you lower-power CPUs and GPUs. Yet the G14 can hang in CPU performance with laptops that weight 10 pounds. Obviously the star of the show is the Ryzen 9 4900HS CPU, which we review in detail separately. But the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 as a whole package is nearly as impressive, so keep reading to find out more.To read this article in full, please click here
Ryzen 4000 performance benchmarks: Ryzen 9 4900HS beats Intel's Core i9 mobile chips
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 06:05:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs, introduced at CES, finally break the curse that had the company losing to Intel in laptops over and over again. This time, AMD promises it’s optimized Ryzen 4000 for mobile computing. And our first performance benchmarks prove it out.Maybe you’ve already read our main review of the first Ryzen 4000 CPU we’re testing, the Ryzen 9 4900HS (the ‘H’ means its intended for power users, and the ‘S’ means it’s for “slim”-profile laptops). While that story contains a core suite of benchmarks, this story compiles all the tests we ran. We’ll add more benchmarks as we test more of the first generation—AMD expects about 100 laptops with Ryzen 4000 parts to ship this year.To read this article in full, please click here
Ryzen 4000 Review: AMD's 7nm Ryzen 9 offers game-changing performance for laptops
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 06:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
When AMD introduced its Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs at CES, the company made bold claims of game-changing performance. Coming off of years of underwhelming laptop chips, AMD promised it had optimized Ryzen 4000 for mobile computing.Now we’ve tested those claims in AMD’s Ryzen 9 4900HS chip, an 8-core, 7nm chip with Radeon Vega cores. We’re stunned at the CPU’s impressive tour de force that defeats just about every Intel 8th- and 9th-gen laptop CPU we’ve ever seen.To read this article in full, please click here
Andover Audio Spinbase review: An all-in-one speaker system for your turntable
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
A great-sounding, compact, vibration-free solution for vinyl lovers.
Awair Element indoor air-quality monitor review: New look, lower price tag, same accurate readings
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Awair's latest indoor air-quality monitor has an updated design, but still makes it easy to track indoor pollutants.
The best indoor air-quality monitors: Identify the pollutants that can compromise your health and comfort
Mon, 30 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma or just want to optimize your indoor environment, these devices will give you insight into the air you're breathing.
How your Apple, WearOS, and Fitbit smartwatch can help track your coronavirus symptoms
Sat, 28 Mar 2020 05:34:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, your Apple, Android, and Fitbit smartwatch can help you monitor potential symptoms.
How to host virtual Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, and YouTube watch parties
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 16:41:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Due to the coronavirus and social distancing, traditional video watch parties are off the table right now—but you can still safely view movies and TV shows with loved ones. Thanks to the efforts of a few great developers, you can stream movies and TV shows together in perfect sync by installing a simple browser extension on your laptop or desktop computer. Of the options out there, TwoSeven stands out as my favorite in the bunch. This add-on is the most versatile, with support for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, Vimeo, other web-based streaming sites (like Crunchyroll), and even files stored locally on a computer. You can use it in both Firefox and Chrome, and the interface even has built-in audio and video chat for sharing reactions in real time. It feels as close as you can get to having an in-person gathering.To read this article in full, please click here
The Full Nerd ep. 131: Nvidia DLSS 2.0, what Half-Life: Alyx means for VR, Intel Rocket Lake-S leak
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 11:12:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, and Adam Patrick Murray dive into the latest gaming news with special guest (and PCWorld gaming guru) Hayden Dingman.We kick things off with a discussion about Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology, which finally looks poised to deliver on the lofty promises made when the GeForce RTX 20-series launched. Better image quality and faster speeds? Yes please. Next, we talk about Hayden’s Half-Life: Alyx review, and why it’s so hard to create a game that really, truly feels immersive. Finally, Gordon gives us the skinny on an alleged Intel Rocket Lake-S leak.To read this article in full, please click here
Cord cutting: A beginner's guide
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 10:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
How to cut the cord: All the devices, services, and knowledge you need to ditch cable and save money.
How to turn off (or simply pause) news headlines on your Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub display
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 09:42:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
If all the grim coronavirus bulletins are taking a toll on your sanity, consider taking a break from news headlines on your Echo Show and Google Nest smart displays.
Now you can ask Alexa if you’re at risk for COVID-19
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 06:38:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Just ask, and Alexa will quiz you to determine whether it’s likely you’ve been exposed to the novel coronavirus.
Switching from Android to iPhone: Here's where Apple's phone wins and fails
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 06:25:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
I hopped on the Android bandwagon early: I sold my iPhone 3G in 2009, bought an HTC Hero, and never looked back. I’ve been using Android every day since then, writing about Google’s platform as a tech journalist. Nonetheless, I’ve tried to keep pace with iPhone developments, and recently set aside a week of my life to get reacquainted with Apple’s smartphone.I put all my Android phones in a drawer and settled into life with the iPhone 11 Pro. Admittedly, the iPhone does some things extremely well, even for a long-time Android user like myself. However, there are also plenty of things I hate with a fiery passion.Where the iPhone wins Apple’s Taptic Engine: Haptics are an underappreciated but important aspect of interacting with a smartphone, and Apple understands this. The “Taptic Engine” is essentially a giant vibration motor bolted right to the iPhone’s frame, and it’s fantastic. The haptic feedback is tight and powerful, surpassing all Android phones on the market. It can almost feel like you’re pressing physical buttons on the screen sometimes. Google’s Pixel phones have by far the best haptics on Android, but even those devices are far behind Apple.To read this article in full, please click here
The 12 best movies to stream with your kids while the whole family is stuck at home
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
These films are aimed at the younger set, but adults will enjoy them just as much—and that goes double when you all enjoy them together.
iFi hip-dac portable DAC/headphone amp review: Sublime sound from a tiny, well-built package
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Compared with a smartphone's built-in DAC/amp, the sound of this gem is a revelation.
How to tune Windows 10 for laser-focused productivity
Fri, 27 Mar 2020 02:56:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Find yourself suddenly needing to be more productive? Good news! Windows 10 comes loaded with all sorts of tools designed to help you Get Things Done, along with deeper tweaks that can optimize the operating system for productivity even more. Now for the bad news: All those excellent productivity-boosting Windows tools and tweaks aren’t immediately obvious, with many of the most useful settings buried deep inside a maze of options menus.We can help. Taking five or ten minutes to tinker with Windows 10 can supercharge your setup, regardless of whether you’re trying to keep at work while stuck at home or setting up something more permanent. Let’s dig in.To read this article in full, please click here
Fire TV vs. Roku: Which streaming platform should today's cord-cutter pick?
Thu, 26 Mar 2020 09:28:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
We compare the streaming platforms most popular with cord-cutters: Fire TV and Roku.
These 16 movies will be available online early to help ease your coronavirus anxiety
Thu, 26 Mar 2020 09:19:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Emma, The Invisible Man, Birds of Prey, and more will be available to rent or buy from streaming services way ahead of schedule.
WiZ Connected BR30 Colors smart bulb review: An affordable Wi-Fi floodlight that doesn’t require a hub
Thu, 26 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
WiZ’s smart BR30 floodlight is easy to set up, boasts more than a dozen dynamic color lighting modes, and it can even turn “dumb” light switches into smart ones.
10 easy ways to boost your router's performance while working at home
Thu, 26 Mar 2020 03:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Home Wi-Fi problems were easy to ignore when it was just the occasional pause of a Netflix stream, or uploading a GIF took a few seconds longer than it should. But if you’re working at home—and your kids are learning at home—during this corona virus pandemic, you need your router to operate at peak performance.Before you start shopping for a new router, there are lots of things you can do to improve the performance of your current hardware.Tip: If speed is the issue, use an app such as Ookla’s Speedtest to see if performance improves between each troubleshooting step. Be aware, however, that this tool measures the speed of your connection to the internet, not the maximum speed your router is capable of achieving while transferring data over your local network.To read this article in full, please click here
The best laptops: Premium laptops, budget laptops, 2-in-1s, and more
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 18:00:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Looks like 2020 is going to be a great year for laptops. We have AMD and Intel battling it out on the CPU front (we talk about whether you should wait for Ryzen 7 4000 and Comet Lake H or buy now), new mobile discrete GPUs enabling thinner, lighter, and faster gaming laptops, and battery life that won’t quit. Check out the latest news and reviews below. Latest laptop news and reviews Laptop news and reviews are heating up, because of new AMD and Intel mobile CPUs coming soon. Here’s the latest. To read this article in full, please click here
Which Internet providers are lifting data caps during the coronavirus, and which aren't
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 14:48:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
As American businesses are forced to shut down because of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus), customers are anxious about their bill for Internet access. Data caps, an annoyance in the best of times, suddenly can mean paying additional fees if a family sheltering in place goes over their limit.Think of it: you're working from home, videoconferencing over Skype or Zoom, while your kids are playing games and chatting with friends. There's streamed movies to watch in the evenings. Disney+ and Netflix may be in constant rotation, adding to the bandwidth strain. That's a lot of data!To read this article in full, please click here
Microsoft offers a cool Xbox extension for Microsoft Edge: Xbox New Tab
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 13:10:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Microsoft has published a new Xbox extension for Microsoft Edge that blurs the lines between working from home and sneaking a peek into your favorite game streams. And hey, who says your web browser can’t have a little fun?The new Xbox New Tab extension for the new Microsoft Edge alters Edge’s layout schemes from its mix of inspirational and informational new-tab screens to add a fourth option: scenes and art from popular Xbox games, as well as quick links to popular game streams. (Oddly, all of the featured streams that were displayed linked to Twitch, but there’s also a dedicated shortcut to Microsoft’s own Mixer service.)To read this article in full, please click here
Google Chrome terms of service are changing on March 31: Here’s what’s new
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:36:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
While you won’t be getting a new version of Chrome or Chrome OS for a while due to the coronavirus outbreak, Google has announced upcoming changes to its Terms of Service, effective March 31, that “make it easier for you to understand what we can expect from each other.” It’s the first time since October, 2017 that Google has updated the terms of service, and because you probably don’t want to read through the whole thing, we’ve summarized the important changes for you.To read this article in full, please click here
Best wireless charger: Ditch the headache of cables with our top pick
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 10:23:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
As convenience goes, wireless charging can’t be beat. You simply drop your phone onto the charger and walk away. Gone is the headache of managing cables that inevitably break or get lost.Until recently, the main drawback to wireless chargers has been slow adoption and slow charging. This style of charging is still not ubiquitous, but you can now find Samsung, LG, Sony, and Moto phones that support it on the Android side, and Apple has adopted it for its iPhone lineup as well. And the technology itself is finally reaching a point where its speed is easier to live with, too.Now that it’s a good time to go out and grab a stand or pad, we’ve tested some of the most popular models out there for both Android and iPhone, and discovered our favorites among the bunch. Read on for our findings, and check back periodically for our latest updates.To read this article in full, please click here
YouTube Music now displays song lyrics for selected tracks
Wed, 25 Mar 2020 08:57:00 -0700
Source: PCWorld
Both the iOS and Android versions of the YouTube Music app now display song lyrics, although real-time lyrics aren't supported yet.
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