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SQLPro SQL Editor Review in Larkware News

SqlPro is a simple editor for five popular databases (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and SqlLite). It uses a three-pane interface to let you navigate data.

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SQLPro Description:

        Current version: 2.2
SQLPro SQL Editor and SQL client is a visual database management and development tool for multiple databases with Explorer interface.

SQLPro allows you to connect directly to most popular database servers using the single interface so that you can make your work faster and more efficient. With SQLPro you can work simultaneously with Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySql and Sqlite databases. One IDE makes database administration and development faster and error free.

SQLPro supports the most important database features, including views, indexes, stored procedures, triggers and functions.

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SQLPro Key Features:

  • Color coding of SQL keywords to minimize syntax and spelling errors.
  • Drag tables and columns names and drop them into the Editor window. Construct complex SQL queries by using mouse and very little typing.
  • View stored procedures, triggers and functions and retrieve SQL code.
  • Edit records.
  • Run SQL scripts.
  • Printing functionality.
  • Centralized database management. Work with most popular databases using one SQL Editor with a consistent interface.
  • Supported databases:
  • Oracle version: 7-11

    PostgreSQL version: 7-9

    SQL Server version: 2000 and up

    MySQL version: 4.x and 5.x

    SQLite version: 3.x

    Microsoft Access

  • Performance and reliability. SQLPro uses native drivers only.
  • No other software or third party drivers to install. SQLPro comes with full set of drivers. (Note: Trial version does not have Oracle drivers).
  • Multiple host/database connections.
  • SQLPro dos not limit in any ways unlike other SQL Editors how many rows you can retrieve from the database. In fact it was successfully tested with 1,000,000 rows loaded into the table.
  • No need to install Microsoft Access to work with Microsoft Access databases.
  • High speed, performance and stability. SQLPro uses native database drivers.
  • SQLPro stores passwords in the encrypted config file.

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Free download - You can download a trial edition of SQLPro SQL Client. Free version of SQLPro has certain limitations.

       Release: 06/27/2019
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

SQLPro SQL Editor


SQL Editor Screenshot

SQL Editor Show
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